Healing Couples Therapy

Healing Couples Therapy

Healing Couples Therapy: Enabling People to Strengthen and Repair Their Relationships

discover the most Powerful Tools to Improve your relationship

(Without Having To Spend Years In Therapy)

What People Are Saying

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • ​Are you and your spouse struggling with communication?
  • ​Is every day an argument?
  • Have you experienced the pain of infidelity and broken trust?
  • ​​Do you feel alone, even though you are married or in a relationship?
  • ​Has the intimacy in your relationship dwindled?
  • ​Has divorce been discussed or threatened?
  • ​Do you argue over the same things over and over without a resolution?
  • ​Is it always a struggle trying to talk about money, sex, or parenting?
  • ​Has your relationship become less satisfying since you had children?
  • ​Have you hurt one another and you don’t know where to turn for help? 
  • ​​Are you considering leaving?

By getting the right tools and support from our team of experts, we can help you navigate these situations and other issues you might be having so you can experience more connection, fun, understanding, and love in your relationship.

Bad Communication Can Destroy a Relationship

communication breakdowns Cause pain and loneliness

If you have bad communication patterns in your relationship, it can either arguing and fighting or distance and silence, and it hurts!

One of the most frustrating things can be trying to communicate with your partner about how you feel, but then end up feeling misunderstood and unheard. It leaves you feeling like you can't connect and that you are unimportant.

Even though you want to resolve the misunderstandings and problems right away, your partner might shut down and avoid having hard conversations, and eventually things get swept under the rug again.

The good news is that once couples understand the root of their negative communication with each other and get the right tools to help, things can change extremely fast.

Instead of feeling frustration because your partner shuts down or avoids important conversations, you can learn how to come together in a way that resolves the issues quickly, without arguing or fighting.

This makes understanding each other so much easier and can help you get back to feeling close, loved, and important to one another.

Emotional Disconnection Creates Loneliness

We are hard wired for connection

Do you feel alone, even though you are married or in a relationship? Has the intimacy and passion in your relationship dwindled?

One of the most important things in our lives are our romantic relationships. When we feel like we are drifting away from our partner, it's painful and we feel alone. It hurts even more to try to reconnect, but then get dismissed or rejected.

When your partner shuts down or avoids having conversations that will resolve issues, it can be extremely frustrating. You know that you'd be able to work past the issues if they'd just open up, so it's painful for things to be unresolved.

Whether you are a married couple, dating, engaged, or something else, relationship counseling can help to tear down the walls between you and develop the connection that you desire. You want to be able to not just get along, but thrive in your relationship. To smile at one other, to share and show love for one another.

You want to be able to get back to focusing on the things that make you happy. We can help develop ways for you both to improve communication, show affection, make time for one another, reignite passion together, even save your relationship. We want to see you discover absolute JOY in one another. We want to help you divorce-proof your marriage.

Our therapists have tools to help you at each step of the way. Book an appointment so you can also discover the proven ways to bring back the connection in your relationship and feel a renewed sense of love and closeness between you.

Relationships Can Heal After Infidelity

The pain can be healed and trust can be rebuilt

When a relationship is damaged through infidelity, it sends everything into an emotional tailspin. The fear, anxiety, and depression that are connected to broken trust can completely consume you.

It is so overwhelming to feel like you can't fully count on your partner anymore, and after there has been betrayal, it changes everything about the relationship you thought you had and who your partner is.

After these types of hurts in the relationship, getting specific tools to help you know how to rebuild trust and find closure about the past is critical. It's also important that you understand exactly what happened and why, so you can make sure to have the tools in place so that it never happens again.

Having the guidance in this difficult situation can help you feel hope and optimistic again about the future of your relationship. So many couples who go through the process of healing and getting the right tools can move forward feeling more secure and closer together.

We would love to help you restore your relationship and strengthen it after the painful impact of betrayal.

Contact us for an appointment today so you don't have to do this alone anymore. We are here to help.

About Us

Sam Tielemans
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

A top-rated private practice

Lincon Silva Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Are you and your partner struggling to truly connect? Do you constantly argue and fight without resolving anything? Has trust been broken, leaving you feeling disconnected and unsure about the future of your relationship? If so, I'm here to help guide you through healing.

I specialize in helping couples reignite their love through better communication. When trust is damaged, it can feel really painful and hard to fix. But that's where my expertise comes in.

Using powerful techniques, I'll help you both identify the negative patterns causing your conflicts and learn how to communicate without shutting down, avoiding each other, arguing, or getting frustrated.

Together, we'll figure out the underlying emotions driving negative communication cycles, so you can replace them with positive ways of interacting with each other.

Rebuilding trust takes patience, openness, and commitment from both partners. I provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for you to freely share your feelings.

As you practice new communication skills consistently, you'll start to feel more emotionally connected, accepted, and supported by your partner.

Relationships go through tough times, but with hard work and the right guidance, even the deepest wounds can heal.

If you're ready to rediscover the loving partnership you once had, I invite you to start this process with me.

We'll work on strengthening your communication abilities, rebuilding trust, and bringing back the joy in your marriage.

Jenya Veren
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

You probably feel disconnected from your partner. You probably don't feel understood and heard by each other. You probably argue a lot and have the same fights over and over again without resolution.

Or perhaps, there has been an affair and the trust is gone. In my work with couples, I use tools specifically designed to help improve interaction and increase intimacy and emotional connection.

I will help you identify your negative ways of interacting with each other that cause conflicts and disconnect in your relationship.

I will help you create new, positive ways of interaction through understanding emotions and needs that drive your behaviors and your partner's behaviors.

As a result, the more you will practice interacting in a new way, the more connected, accepted, and supported by each other you will be able to feel.

I am currently accepting new clients and I'm offering sessions via Zoom / online.

Kalona Stone
Clinical Professional Counselor Intern

As a counselor, my passion is helping couples improve their communication, repair their relationships, and achieve the results they seek when their marriage is in trouble. I am dedicated to helping clients cultivate a space of mutual respect and trust, where they can express themselves freely without fear of judgment.

Marriage is a special bond that brings immense joy and fulfillment into our lives. When communication breaks down, it can be painful and emotionally challenging. However, it's important to remember that seeking help and learning the right tools can make all the difference.

By improving communication skills, couples can strengthen their relationship and build a deeper, more meaningful connection with each other. With dedication and the right guidance, a struggling marriage can transform into a loving and fulfilling partnership.

Through my training as a Clinical Professional Counselor intern (CPC-I) for the State of Nevada, as well as my certifications as a Health Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Coach, and Certified Specialist in Sleep, Stress, & Recovery, I have developed a holistic approach to counseling that focuses on the overall well-being and optimal total functioning of an individual.

Whether you are facing challenging life transitions, dealing with anxiety, depression, or lack of self-confidence, I am here to help. I am whole-heartedly dedicated to each couple and their unique counseling goals. Together, we can work to repair your relationship, strengthen your communication skills, and create the loving, fulfilling partnership you both deserve.

Steven Herbert
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Struggling with communication and understanding in your relationship? You're not alone. Many couples find themselves facing a disconnect, repeating arguments, and an absence of resolution. If trust has been eroded due to an affair, the road ahead might seem even more challenging.

I specialize in working with couples to bridge these gaps and build lasting connections. In our sessions, we tackle the issues that commonly plague relationships, such as miscommunication, misunderstanding, and repetitive conflicts.

By identifying the negative patterns that fuel these challenges, we create tailored strategies to overcome them.

My approach goes beyond surface-level solutions. We explore the emotions and needs that drive your behaviors and interactions.

By delving into the core of your relationship dynamics, we uncover the keys to building stronger connections and fostering genuine understanding.

Imagine a future where arguments are replaced by productive conversations and where both partners feel truly heard and validated.

Through practice and guidance, you'll develop new ways of interacting that lead to increased intimacy and emotional closeness.

Kimball Lindquist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I specialize in couple's, relational, and marriage therapy. Not providing any therapy via online. In person therapy only. Struggling to find peace and connection in a relationship can be very challenging.

When things start getting out of control, it can feel very chaotic, confusing, and wrong. I provide a system that can help you both understand and get to the answers you've been looking for.

I use Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT, which is designed to help couples communicate more effectively, develop a deeper connection with one another, and resolve problems without having to argue or get frustrated with each other.

I help couples get the tools they need to understand each other and hear one another instead of getting defensive, taking things personally, and shutting down.

I love this work and guiding people towards a greater understanding of themselves and their relationships. I look forward to our time together.


How much and how long are sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes long and the rate is $150 per session.

Do you accept insurance

Many therapist who do accept insurance are newer to therapy and have less experience, so they work at clinics so they can handle the billing for them.

We have years of experience and have worked with couples in really difficult situations, so we would love to support you and get you the most powerful tools possible to help you with your relationship quickly.

We are not in any insurance networks, but each therapist here provides a "superbill" or a receipt for services that can be reimbursed from the client's insurance company directly to the client depending on the kind of plan and benefits. Check with your provider to see if they reimburse out-of-network therapists.

How many sessions will it take for Couples to be better?

It varies depending on each client and how much support they want in the process as they get new tools for their relationship. However, most clients do between 4-10 sessions. Our goal is to get you the tools you need and have an end to therapy so you can move forward and continue to apply the tools we've shared with you throughout the rest of your relationship.

I'm new to the process, what can I expect with therapy?

If you've never done therapy before, the process is very simple here – after you reach out and set up an initial appointment, the therapist will meet with you to better understand your situation, learn about your goals, and start giving you some tools and direction to help you make progress. If it feels like a good fit and you want to make a follow up appointment, the following sessions build on the progress you're making and continue to help give you new tools and implement them into your relationship.

Our goal for therapy is that it has an end! We want to equip you with all of what you need to have a successful relationship, and as we give you the tools and help you implement them, you won't need to continue to see us because you can overcome barriers on your own.

Schedule an appointment today and discover the exact tools you need to get your relationship back in a good place.

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